Trike Daddy Customs; Master Drift Trike Builder

Trike Daddy Customs's Bio:

Who is Trike Daddy Customs?  Here’s just a little info on TDC for you. I got into trikes just about the same way as everyone does; YouTube or Facebook pictures with some crazy bastards sliding down a hill at breakneck speeds. Right away I became intrigued and had to build one. Only I wasn’t really a fan of how it was being done with BMX frames and dolly wheels. I decided that I’m too old to be getting hurt so I custom made my first frame for my daughter to ride. She was hooked right away as well. I’ve been sliding ever since. Trike Daddy Customs was founded on the principle of quality vs. quantity. Make it right the first time or don’t make them at all. I still believe in this philosophy and every trike that ships from Trike Daddy Customs gets inspected by me for quality control. I started TDC with the hopes of getting prepared for retirement from Active Duty. Things seemed to explode rather quickly and found myself inundated with orders. As you can imagine, having a full time job, Married with 2 children, and running a business can be a bit stressful. I’ve struggled for the last couple years but finally made a huge milestone and hired on two gentlemen that believe in what I’m doing. Joe and Rob are my right hand guys. They aren’t in the trike world to get rich, they truly love trikes. So now with the added helping hands it freed me up to spend time with my family. Trike Daddy Customs, in the last year has made significant changes like new frame designs, powered trike line, new hires, production facilities, and re-location. I’m looking forward to new products, R+D, special projects, and new employees. Big things in the works for Trike Daddy Customs. I hope to be able to continue to help the trike community grow and provide the best products I can for those that truly want something unique. Thanks for stopping in and reading a little about Trike Daddy Customs, slide safe and get your slide right!


Trike Daddy Customs's Experience:

  • U.S. Navy

Trike Daddy Customs's Education:

  • U.S. Navy

    Concentration: Engineering/Psychology

Trike Daddy Customs's Interests & Activities:

Master Drift Trike Builder, Designer, and Mechanical Engineer, Aviation Engineering, Aviation Mechanics, Avionics, Welding, Drift Trikes, Big-wheels, Metallurgy, metal work, science engineering and technology.